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Our cozy 130m2 house will offer you two bedrooms with a total capacity of 4 persons. Part of your private area will be a 400m2 garden with hammocks under banana trees, several barbecues, and a big stone oven! We have basic WIFI in the house to stay in touch with your loved ones at home.

Apart from the barbecues, you can cook in a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, coffee machine, etc. In the evenings, you can either enjoy a glass of wine outside watching the stars or shelter yourself in our very cozy living room with board games, library, and TV.

We have learned from our guests that our Finca is the perfect place for families, small groups of friends, and nature lovers. Our star activities are hiking and surfing.

Barbecue Corners

Chillout Areas With Hammocks



Board Games


Art Exposition

Self - Checkin (if wanted)

Fruit Forest & Veggie Garden

What people say

Do you have any questions?

How can I make a binding booking on your website?

First of all some good news: if you book directly on our website you will get a 5% discount. If you want to make a binding reservation and assure your place in paradise, we will ask you to transfer the 50% of the whole amount in order to block the finca for you. The other 50% can be paid on arrival at our finca.

How can I cancel my stay for free?

Due to the pandemic situation we are still living you can cancel your stay anytime for free if you can show us an official document from the hospital that you got tested positive. Also if borders shut down and you are unable to fly from your country due to the pandemic you will be able to cancel for free anytime (but not if you didn't have the necessary documents to fly, then it's your own responsibility). If your cancelation has nothing to do with the pandemic then you will be able to cancel for free up to 14 days before your arrival. If you cancel later we will keep the 50% the total amount of your stay.

What is included in the price?

Included are all obviously all covers, sheets, duvets for the bed. Overmore we provide you with 1 towel per person. You will also be able to use our washing machin for free, just like the WIFI. Also included some eco products from our finca, as well as touristic information and flyers about things to do in the area.

How fast is our internet?

Our eco-finca is not connected to public electricity network. As a consequence we also do not have the fastest internet because we installed a router that connects via satellite. When we use the finca ourselves the internet was always good enough to send messages on whatsapp, emails and read websites. On most occasions we could also stream some movies but we want to be honest that this doesn't always work perfectly. Maybe you want to use your time to disconnect from the Internet and connect with the wonderful, tropical nature of Azuaje Valley? 🙂

How can we reach Ventana Verde Eco-Finca?

We recommend you to rent your own car. It should be a car with some distance between the car the floor as you will have to drive 3 minutes on a dirt track. From Las Palmas you will have to take the GC-2 highway and we recommend you to drive along the northshore passing by the lovely coast villages of El Puertillo, Quintanilla and San Andrés. Then when you reach the spectacular village El Roque (build on a volcanic rock), you have to turn left up the mountain towards Moya. Before reaching Moya you have to turn left towards Firgas. When you reach the bridge of Barranco Azuaje you have to turn right down the dirt track. After just 100 meters you will have to turn left and cross a little creek (no worries, the water is only 10 centimeters deep). You drive down the valley for 3 minutes passing by the jungle-like vegetation. Its a real adventure 🙂

What does 100% self sufficient mean?

It means that we are producing our own elecricity with solar panels.If there are several days without sun we also use our emergency generator. Our eco-finca is not connected to the public electricity net! Overmore we are owning a part of the water of the valley, so we can water our tropical garden for free. Even if all public services on the island would break down, we would be able to survive totally independent and self-sufficient. That gives our finca a feeling of living in our own bubble connected with nature and ourselves.

What makes Ventana Verde different from other touristic accommodations on Gran Canaria?

Well first of all you will be living in a completely tourism free area of the island. We are the only touristic accommodation at Azuaje Valley. Furthermore you will be able to enjoy the free products from our eco finca. On our 5000m2 property we are establishing and improoving the already existing areas like a veggie garden and our fruit forest. Depending on the season of the year you will be able to enjoy for free or eco products like oranges, tangerines, avocados, papayas, pomegranates, passion fruits, bananas and our healthy veggies.

What does Eco-Finca really mean?

Most importantly it means that we are not using any artificial products or pesticides on our finca. We share the philosophy to respect all forms of life on our finca and we want to learn from nature with patience. One of our main goals is to keep on improving the already good quality of the soil of our property. Also, we started to cooperate with the local government to do some reforestation of some typical Canarian trees like dragos, canarian palm, figs, or laurel. The sewage produced by our 120m2 house is being cleaned by a natural professional filtering system (please don't throw any hygenic products into the toilet in order not to break this filtering system).

Which activities can I do at the finca and in the area?

You will be able to start some amazing hikes right from our door. Also the more than a dozen surf spots of the legendary and very underestimated northshore of Gran Canaria. Just around the finca in the mountainous area, you will find cozy and authentic villages with small restaurants like Firgas, Moya, Teror, or Valleseco. Down the coast, just a 12 minute drive away, the most beautiful village to visit is El Roque. Also worth a visit are the villages El Puertillo, San Felipe with is black sanded beach “Vagabundos”. A bit further to the west you can visit the village Sardina with its nice beach, the heavenly valley of Agaete with its nice harbor and volcanic, natural pools. A true insider is also the volcanic pools of “El Agujero”, at the coast of Gáldar. Being in Gáldar already we strongly recommend you the old town of canarian “aborigenes” called “guanches”. This place is called Cueva Pintada. If you are interested into the history of the island, you could also visit the Cenobbio de Valerón, which is a cave system supposedly used by the ancient canarians for storing their grain.

Ready to relax in the paradise?