Help us grow

so we can help our planet

Before being dedicated to the growth of sugarcane and later bananas (plátanos), only a few hundred years ago, the whole valley of Azuaje was covered by a dense laurisilva forest spotted with the exotic dragon trees and Canarian palm trees.

We want to dream big and imagine many of the now-abandoned agricultural land turning green again.

Donate & grow the forest

We want to help the local Canarian government fight against invasive species like cane and replant those original plants again.

The best way to do that would be to buy more land to ensure that this is really gonna happen. If you want to support this goal and help to improve & assure life on our green and blue planet, we would really appreciate your donation, however small it is.

What do we do with donations?

We buy more land 

We assure you that this land is by contract dedicated to reforestation

We replant local trees like dragon trees, Canarian palm trees, especially the laurisilva

Help us grow