Our eco finca in the north of Gran Canaria is the perfect starting point for some of the most beautiful hikes of the island. The following hikes you will be able to start from our location.

Barranco Azuaje - Ruin of old abandoned hotel - narrow and lush valley of Azuaje

This is the most obvious and easy to find hiking trail of our valley. When leaving the door of our finca you basically just turn right and walk up the narrow valley. After crossing under the old and charismatic brigde and some little creeks you will soon arrive at the abanboned ruin of the “Balneario de Azuaje”. The more you enter the valley, the narrower, wetter and and lusher it gets.

You will pass by very interesting and bizarre volcanic rocks, little waterfalls and creeks. Especially on hot days its a true pleasure to walk under the shadow of the ancient laurel forest, which once covert the whole north of Gran Canaria.

After 40 minutes of walking, you will have to use some ropes and ladders in order to continue your way up the valley. Finally you will start hiking up the left shoulder of the valley and arrive to the road that will lead you back to Firgas. You could then either just hike the same way back or stay on the road and get to Firgas for some food in one of the restaurants.

Firgas, with its famous water fountain is definitely also worth a short visit. From Firgas again you will have to walk back the mainroad with some stunning views over the deep valley Azuaje. 


Barranco Azuaje - Barranco de la Virgen

For this walk you go the same way as before, towards the abandoned hotel of Balneario de Azuaje. Soon after the ruin, you will find a sign pointing towards “Moya” or “Barranco de la Virgen”. You will walk up the steep path until you get to the shoulder of the mountain.

From there you will have to follow the signs towards Barranco de la Virgen. You will pass by he lush vegetation of Gran Canaria, pass farm houses and see the real life on the countryside of Gran Canaria. Once arriving on top of the valley of “Barranco de la Virgen” some amazing views and landscapes will open up in front of your eyes.

You walk down the valley and cross it to the other side. You can either continue your walk to Valleseco or walk back down to Firgas.

From the coastline to the Finca

If you want to get to know another perspective of our Azuaje Valley, you can also choose to walk to the left of your finca down the valley towards the sea. We think its very interesting how you will be able to observe the change of climate and vegetation. The further you get down to the sea, the drier and warmer the climate will get.

Once you arrive at the sea by the village of San Andrés, we recommend you to walk towards the left (facing the sea) to maybe have a swim in the natural pools of the village “El Altillo” or “El Roque”. We would recomend you to have a stop in the new bar/restaurants Nativo which looks like a tropical Bar in Bali with its own little pool.

If you fancy some good restaurants we can recommend you the restaurant on top of the small cliffs of the village of El Roque. Its a true insider and amazing location. The waves will explode just under your feet and you will be able to see the sun setting in the atlantic ocean.

If you still have more energy you can continue to hike along the coast until you reach the village San Felipe with its pristine and black sanded Vagabundos Beach. There the lovely, healthy PaiPai Restaurant is also a true insider! We recommend you to get back by taxi because it should only be a max. of 10€ to get back to the bridge of Azuaje, which is a landmark known to all local drivers.


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