Only a 12 minutes car drive away you will find more than a dozen surf spots with conditions for all levels. We also cooperate with our friend Jordi from Feel Surfcamp who is organizing surf trips with very valuable insider information about the north coast of Gran Canaria.

From San Felipe (closer to Gáldar) in the west to Quintanilla in the east (closer to Las Palmas) you will find the following surfspots.

Follow this link to see the forecast for surf spots in the north of Gran Canaria.

Vagabundos Beach

This black sanded, pristine beach is perfect for smaller swells and can also be good for beginners in this mellow conditions. Careful when the waves are big, because its a beach with strong currents and very steep and aggressive waves (go there when its small). All tides but not very low. Beginners can try it with small waves.

El Circo

This fast right - and lefthander is located between the sometimes shabby houses of San Felipe. Better for mid and high tide. Can be a very fast and aggresive wave that can push you underwater and hold you down a bit. It's tricky to get in and out of the water because you will have to step on the big rocks and stone. No beginners spot, only experienced surfers!

El Paso

Can be a quite long lefthander. Be careful entering and leaving the water because you will have to step over big, round stones that can also be “decorated” with some nice sea urchins. Don't go there during low tide. Just behind el paso sometimes the mysterious big wave “Soledad” appears out of nowhere. During the big winter swells of the Atlantic ocean only the best and most experienced (and craziest?) local surfers dare to charge on this wave.


This short and mellow wave is located just next to el Paso wave and the small, shabby looking restaurant right on the coast (actually it has nice and affordable food and the owners are really nice). Its a righthander that works with middle sized swells and high tide. For getting in & out of the water some like at El Paso. Not for beginners!

Izquierda del Roque

Located in the little village El Altillo, just next to El Roque. This lefthander is breaking just next to a rock in the middle of the bay. Its an easy and mellow wave but also nothing for beginners. You enter over rocks and stones. Normally there is a really nice vibe in the water, if you respect the locals and wait your turn.

Derecha del Roque

Very fast righthander that can tube in the right conditions and can be also quite long with a more mellow section at the end of the wave. You enter the water over a soft lava platform. Mind the sea urchins!


Lefthander breaking just next to Derecha del Roque. Its a long paddle out there. It has a tube section which is very aggressive far outside. Mainly only bodyboarders dare to charge it. Closer to the shore you have a long and mellow section also doable for longboarders. Nice vibe there normally.


Moving another few hundred meters towards east, you will find the next wave (actually you could easily paddle from Derecha del Roque to PIcacho and then to Boquines, its so close). Boquines is normally a quite mellow wave with only a fast section when taking off. In the right conditions it can be pretty long. When its on fire, its pretty busy and the vibe in the water can be a bit “ambitious” (to not call it aggressive). Located just under the gas station.

Further spots to see:



Los Enanos


El Puertillo

In total 13 spots within max. 20 minutes drive.

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