What does make our eco finca "ECO"?

First of all, we do not use any pesticides. We want to promote the sustainable development of our finca by using for example organic material from invasive plants to produce our own soil and at the same time make space for local plants that were driven away by those invaders.

Secondly, we are also cooperating with our hostel La Ventana Azul in Las Palmas to use a part of our kitchen's leftovers to feed our worms who again improve our soil

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Solar energy & water system

Did you know that Azuaje Valley is not connected to the electricity network of Gran Canaria? We don't even have the choice to not produce our own energy :). Due to the tropical climate of the islands, it was clear that it will be solar energy. For the few cloudy days in the valley, we have to use a gasoline drive emergency generator. Ventana Verde also owns a part of Azuajes water, which is passing by our house through a 100 years old aqueduct. That's why our finca is very close to being totally self-sufficient


Veggie garden & fruit forest

We were lucky enough that when buying the property in summer 2021 it already had a developed fruit forest. More than 20 fully producing avocado trees, dozens of banana trees, papayas, orange & tangerine trees were providing delicious food from the very beginning. And right now we are working on integrating even more fruits into our system. In the more sunny areas of our properties, we already established a first veggie garden with salad, arugula, potatoes, tomatoes, chili, carrots, etc. - here we have the same goal to widen our offer and increase the size of our veggie garden.


The very heart of our project is our reforestation program. We are cooperating with the government, which is providing us with free, local trees like a dragon, Canarian palm tree, fig tree, or laurisilva. We want to dedicate those plants to a part of our property. In order to give an authentic atmosphere to our green bubble and help to make the valley of Azuaje shine again in its original colors.

We also support each other with the fantastic project of our friend Jordi, the owner of Feel Surfcamp, and founder of the already legendary The Surfers Forest on Gran Canaria.


By supporting us, you support the enviroment